Past Projects

Templar Channel -District of Tofino

September 2018

High resolution multibeam survey of Templar channel for surface modelling and emergency planning purposes. The survey was completed with our Norbit iWBMSh STX and adhered to CHS standards for special order hydrographic surveys. The survey area consisted of 1250 ha of seabed over multiple field days in varying sea conditions!





Brucejack Lake Survey

July 2018

High resolution multibeam survey of Brucejack lake to provide client with current lake bed elevations for sediment monitoring. The survey was completed using our Norbit iWBMSh STX high resolution multibeam sonar system.






Howe Sound Pulp & Paper Corporation – Lake No. 7 Survey    Port Mellon, B.C.

June 2015

Bathymetric survey of  Lake No.7 to calculate water volumes for production forecasting at HSPP. Lake No.7 serves as the main water source for the pulp and paper mill production. Equipment was flown up via. helicopter with a long line setup used to transport the boat. The surveying was completed using a 10′ RIB survey vessel and Ross 825B survey grade echo-sounder. Positioning was done with our Trimble S6 robotic total station and our Trimble R8 GNSS GPS receiver.




vpdl 1406

Victoria International Marina    Victoria, B.C.


Sub-contract to Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. to supervise the on site dredging operations for the proposed marina basin, and to perform all hydrographic surveying required throughout the project. The surveying was done on-board MCCOI Marine ltd. 24′ survey vessel using a Ross 825B survey grade echo-sounder.





Esquimalt Graving Dock – Sediment Remediation Project (Phase 1B)    Esquimalt, B.C.


Sub-contract to CRA Canada Surveys Inc. to perform 3rd party hydrographic surveying for dredging operations performed by Fraser River Pile & Dredge (GP) Inc. Surveying done on-board CRA Canada Surveys Inc. 19′ survey vessel using a Reson Seabat 8124 multibeam sonar system.




Boleo Pile Driving


Boleo Marine Terminal    Santa Rosalia, Mexico (BCS)


Sub-contract to Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd. to perform survey calculations and  layout for pile driving operations during construction of 4 mooring dolphins for newly constructed ship terminal. The project consisted of a complex design of vertical and batter pilings supporting a concrete structure.